Martina Fausch, Ph.D.
Clinical Sexologist


“I applaud you in your endeavor to change this world and wake up to how important and smart it is to be sexually healthy” -- P.A Male, 42

“Not being able to orgasm made me feel inadequate and not normal. Thank you so much for helping me change that story. Life is much better with an orgasm” -- F.D. Female, 29

“Your words are like emotional bookmarks for me. Somehow you seek out, probe, and release the best in me” -- B.W. Male, 55

“Just that one session with you changed my sex life forever. I don't know how to thank you.” - S.G. Female, 52

“Learning to love my body is something I never thought I could accomplish. Now, it feels so good to be seen.” -- A.S Female, 50

“I must compliment you for making my sex therapy with you an experience I will never forget. I learned a lot, which will benefit my partner and me for the rest of our lives.” -- S.Y. Male, 41

“I sense a larger playing field ahead of me which will capture my erotic imagination more creatively – Thank you for all your support!” -- K.V. Female, 55

“The doctor who performed my prostate surgery only shrugged his shoulders about my subsequent erectile dysfunction. I don’t know what I would have done without you, Martina. Thank You! ” - B.F. Male, 62