Martina Fausch, Ph.D.
Clinical Sexologist

Sexual Concerns

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

ED is a persistent or reoccurring difficulty or inability to produce and maintain a functional erection. Probably no other medical condition is as potentially frustrating to men as erectile dysfunction. An erection is the male's identity card and is a direct connection with the feelings of his masculinity and biological gender. ED may occur in men of all ages.

The evaluation session will help identify the type of ED, how the client thinks about it, and whether it is psychological or physiological. The initial sessions will also evaluate sexual desire and fantasies and the balance of physical health and medication.

The treatment plan may include sessions to deepen knowledge of sexuality, develop an anchor of perception for genital arousal, and establish a connection between genital arousal and pleasure. This treatment can bring the client from the fixation on failure to yet again discovering the penis as a functioning "sensory organ."