Martina Fausch, Ph.D.
Clinical Sexologist

Illuminating Humanity with Healthy Sex

Dr. Martina Fausch

Dr. Martina Fausch is a Clinical Sexologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice, helping people overcome sexual concerns and experience Healthy Sex. Her education includes a Doctor of Philosophy, a Diploma of Clinical Sexology from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and a Diploma of Clinical Sexology Sexocorporel from the Z├╝rich Institute for Clinical Sexology and Sexual Therapy.

Dr. Martina Fausch was born and raised in Switzerland, spent 40 years in the SF Bay Area, and has called Maui her home since 2021. She is a sex-positive sexual being and has made it her life's work and passion to help people understand, accept, and celebrate their unique sexuality.

Her background of different lifestyles and her interest in many facets of Healthy Sex make learning easy, fun, and accessible. Dr. Fausch asks the right questions, listens with a compassionate heart, and imparts expert knowledge.


Therapy work starts with an evaluation session to address the client's challenges and desires. A treatment plan is offered with limited sessions to address and correct these sexual concerns and desires. Sessions are offered in person or virtual and include at-home exercises and homework. These two components deepen the client's relationship to their sexuality in its cognitive, emotional, and erotic dimensions.

Dr. Fausch works primarily within the Sexocorporel framework to resolve the client's sexual concerns and achieve optimal sexual health. The focus of the method of Sexocorporel lies in educating the client about sexual functioning and identifying and reinforcing the client's sexual strengths. The treatment plan will allow the client to review their sexual arousal mode with its strengths and limitations, improve sexual self-assurance and genital eroticization, and increase awareness, compassion, and acceptance of their sexual body.

All levels of engagement with Dr. Fausch are confidential and protected by a signed "Clients Rights and Responsibilities" agreement.

All are welcome

All genders, relationship statuses, and sexual orientations are welcome. Every human can bring their sexual concerns and desire to optimize sexual health! Singles and Couples, straight-, gay-, bi-, non-binary-, polyamory-, kink-, trans-, etc. Whatever community you find yourself in, Dr. Fausch understands and supports you.

Sharing intimate thoughts and talking about sexual experiences can place us outside our comfort zone and can produce awkward and shy moments. Dr. Fausch provides a non-judgmental approach and a permission-giving environment to overcome those moments of insecurity so that changes in attitude and behavior can occur.

Even though Dr. Fausch specializes in female anorgasmia, challenges with desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and body-image issues, no sexual concern is too unusual. Sex is an activity and, like any other, can be learned.