Dr. Martina Fausch


Are you preoccupied that you climax too quickly?
Is it all over too fast?

Feel ashamed? And can’t talk with anyone about it? Are you interested in having a professional sexologist help explain this situation to your partner?

Want to have more and longer sexual pleasure? Want to have a more fulfilling and connected sexual experience? Do you want to learn the essentials to change your sexual satisfaction? Without drugs or toys? And all of this from a Ph.D. Clinical Sexologist in the privacy of your own home? Then read on...

Martina Fausch, Ph.D., a Clinical Sexologist with over 15 years of experience, and a private practice in San Francisco, CA, and Chur/Zürich, Switzerland has created this video to not only give you the necessary information but also the exact exercises to learn step-by-step how to master your own arousal.

Making sex last is like making ice cream last. It is So... worth the effort.

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Introducing Your Online Sexuality Expert Dr. Martina

Every week, Dr.Fausch posts a new short video on different topics of our colorful sexuality. The purpose of these learn videos is to provide you with an educational, sex-positive and expert perspective about human sexuality. You may view the videos below or subscribe to her YouTube channel directly, so you will not miss out on any of the new weekly videos. Happy learning! Here is the link to the YouTube channel Dr.Martina

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Have sex once and you’re happy for a day. Learn how to truly enjoy sex and you’re happy for a lifetime. MF