Dr. Martina Fausch

Sexual Health

Sexual health is a person’s condition with regard to their sexual, psychological and physical well-being. It embodies the state of emotional well-being with the right of sexual pleasure. It is therefore clear that optimizing our sexual health holds the key to a more liberating and fulfilling life.

Taking care of sexual health consists of approaching any Sexual Concerns we may have with an open mind and correcting them with the help of a sex-positive expert of human sexuality. It also means bringing deeper awareness to our bodily experience and cultivating an educated and fulfilling relationship with our erotic self.

Sexocorporel assumes a model of sexual health that includes all of the interacting components of sexuality: basic-, physiological-, cognitive-, personal- and relationship components. Sexual health embraces the creation, development, interaction, and harmonization of these different interrelated components. We know that everything in humans is interactive – emotion, cognition, action. Cognition influences emotions and feelings, which affect the level of action and vice versa. This enables us to improve the quality of our sexuality as well as our overall quality of life.

Positive, meaningful sexual health is a central component of overall well-being and a key component of a healthy lifestyle World Health Organization, 2006