Dr. Martina Fausch

Sexual Concerns


Anorgasmia is the inability to increase sexual arousal to the point of no return and to achieve an orgasm. Anorgasmia can also occur in male sexuality, but has a much more predominant place in female sexuality. Ten to fifteen percent of women have never experienced an orgasm alone or with a partner. This is called primary anorgasmia. When a woman (or man) is capable of reaching an orgasm alone, but not with a partner or only under very specific circumstances, it is considered secondary anorgasmia. If the primary and secondary pools are added together anorgasmia rates are more likely 50%, maybe higher.

Not being able to orgasm can be a lonely and frustrating place. But it does not have to be. Sex is an activity, and with therapeutic steps its function and ultimate satisfaction can be learned and experienced.

A detailed sexological evaluation of all components of sexuality as well as a possible objective observation helps reveal the logic of the client’s own relationship to body and brain. A treatment plan based on the concept of brain/body connection will focus on the client’s strengths and limitations. Depending on the client, the anorgasmia treatment goals may include sessions to: acquire physiological knowledge of the orgasm, develop clues for the perception and identification of sexual arousal, establish ability to prolong arousal, enrich sources of arousal, develop auto centering in sexual interactions, and develop an arousal mode which activates the deep sensory receptors.

Women look for tell-signs of arousal and pleasure, when in fact those sensations need to be felt. Bodily sensations produced by the stimulation of superficial and deep sensory receptors cannot be seen but must be felt. One can learn how to feel these sensations and also how to increase them to the point of no return, to the orgasm!

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a persistent or reoccurring difficulty or inability to produce and maintain a functional erection. There is probably no other medical condition, which is as potentially frustrating to men as erectile dysfunction. An erection is the male identity card and is often a direct connection with his feelings of his own masculinity and biological gender. ED may occur in men of all ages, at the peak of their sexual vigor, or who may fear that age and/or prostate challenges have robbed them forever of their virility.

The evaluation session will help identify the type of ED, the way the client thinks about it, and whether it is psychological or physiological. If the latter persists a medical and neurological check-up will be recommended to rule out a physical cause and establish an appropriate treatment plan.

Depending on the client, the treatment plan may include sessions to: deepen knowledge of sexuality, develop an anchor of perception for genital arousal, increase genital arousal sources, expand arousal mode, evaluate sexual desire and fantasies, balance of physical health and medication, establish a connection between genital arousal and pleasure, create access to phallic erotization, and fortify sexual confidence.

The mind is not everything when it comes to sex but it’s certainly far ahead of whatever is in second place. The mind can make for beautiful, functional, and satisfying sex, but it can also make sex an agony. Mindfulness exercises put the mind in charge and reduce effects of the negative spiral. Self-awareness is a prerequisite of a good lover. This treatment can bring the client from the fixation on failure to yet again discovering the penis as a functioning "sensory organ".

Body Image

Having sex is a lot of fun and enjoying sex to its fullest is only possible if you learn how to appreciate and love your own body!

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t experience that love. They have little leniency for extra pounds, aging skin, or other imperfections. They get up in the morning hating their body and go to bed with lingering animosity toward their human vehicle. All the promotional stuff we see on the internet and the magazines about getting your body in shape talks about the health aspect of having a “good” body. No one really talks about the sexual benefits that come with a body that is loved by its owner, just the way it is.

A body image session starts with a sexological evaluation to determine the relationship the client has with their own body and the nature of their motivation. Questionnaires, in-office, and at-home exercises are all part of the treatment plan. The client will learn to identify what can and cannot be changed and what they actually want to change. A new loving body relationship can blossom into better self-esteem, sexual confidence, and increased sexual desire and pleasure.

Premature Ejaculation

Information from the Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors suggests that approximately 30% of men across all age groups come too fast. In the majority of cases premature ejaculation has a psychological cause and is one of the easiest sexual challenge to correct.

Managing arousal can be learned, and that is something to get really excited about. The intensity of sexual arousal can be deliberately influenced and extended, enabling the client to control the duration. Lasting longer can bring benefits like increased sexual confidence, reduction of performance anxiety, greater joy during sex, relationship improvement, and better overall mental health.

Lasting sex is a beautiful thing and it is So... worth the effort.

Other Sexual Concerns

Not all sexual problems fit into the categories above, but all are approached with the same desire to assist the client to overcome their sexual challenges and experience a life with sexual fulfillment. Some examples include, but are not limited to: vaginism, lack of desire, confusion about sexual attraction, fetishes, low sexual self-esteem, conflict with sexual fantasies, and lack of erotic skills/capabilities. The integrative concept of Sexocorporel includes all levels of human sexuality like biology, excitation function, sexodynamic, relationship, society. Nothing is taboo or judged.

Sexuality poorly repressed unsettles some families; well repressed, it unsettles the whole world. Karl Kraus