Dr. Martina Fausch


Dr. Fausch asks the right questions, listens with a compassionate heart and imparts expert knowledge promoting the client’s motivation for treatment and results. All levels of engagement with Dr. Fausch are confidential and held under the protection of a signed "Clients Rights and Responsibilities" agreement.

The approach starts with an evaluation session that provides an opportunity to become familiar with the client’s issue and offers a therapeutic approach with a limited number of sessions to address and correct the sexual concerns at hand. The therapeutic sessions are comprised of in-office visits and at-home exercises. These two components work together to deepen the client’s relationship to their own sexuality in its cognitive, emotional, and erotic dimensions.

Dr. Fausch works primarily within the Sexocorporel framework, to resolve the client’s sexual concerns and achieve optimal sexual health by focusing, identifying, and reinforcing, the client’s sexual strengths. Work done during the sessions helps the client review their sexual arousal mode and its limitations, improve sexual self-assurance and genital eroticization, and increase awareness, compassion and acceptance for their sexual body.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin